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Million Pound Pawn mother from Sheffield uses money to start new business that hopes to empower all women UK News

Andrea Redhead appeared on ITV’s Million Pound Pawn earlier this year, in which viewers saw a pawnshop take a hammer against his late godfather’s gold-plated Rolex – which later turned out to be fake, ended up fetching £ 5,500 when combined with a pocket watch she also pledged.

She has used her profits as an investment in starting a new business, which she is due to officially launch next week.

Andrea said: “I wanted something, a brand, that had something for everyone. For black women, nothing is usually specifically for us. Not just black women, but all women of color.

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Andrea is launching a new beauty line called “luxury but affordable prices”.

“I wanted all women, in general, to be able to try something chic and luxurious that empowered them, that was easily accessible and affordable too. There is something for everyone.

“I also want this to be something my kids are proud of.”

A makeup artist with 14 years of experience, she describes the USP – the only selling point – of beauty products as “luxury but affordable prices”.

Andrea previously worked at MAC and struggled to find makeup that matched her skin and that of many others.

Andrea Redhead

She said, “It opened my eyes even more. It changed the game.

Andrea then went on to freelance, but still believed there was “not enough for black women” and identified a potential gap in the market.

With a diverse clientele of people of all ethnicities, Andrea is aware that many women share similar makeup issues, especially women of color.

The first ones on offer will be lip glosses, beauty mixers, eyelashes and lip pencils suitable for vegans.

A model wearing color # 59 from the Nubian Nude collection.

The products will soon be available online here.

For more information, search for @andrearedheadmakeup on Instagram.

Vegan-friendly lip glosses, beauty mixers, eyelashes and lip pencils are the first products to be launched in the range.
All products are delivered in custom packaging.

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