Partygoers under Brighton Pier after the cancellation of On the Beach Brighton News

Revelers climb under the pier as crowds gather in the wake of a canceled beach party.

Crowds gathered under the Palace Pier in Brighton following the cancellation of On The Beach, which was scheduled to host its third day until it was abruptly canceled this afternoon.

Someone under the pier told The Argus that they had tickets to On The Beach, but because it was canceled, they headed for the beach under the pier instead.

He said: “I headed down to the beach for the On The Beach party but since it was canceled we came here.

“People are climbing under the pier.


“There are tons of people here, most of them came for the party but started raving under the pier. People have brought their own speakers and are having fun as some are climbing the pier support beams. ”

A nearby metal detector continued undistracted as people gathered.

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This notice was published: 2021-07-25 18:37:57

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