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Day three

We meet at Walter’s Arena, an off-road facility used by rally teams for testing, for a group photo of all the Suzuki we’ve played with over the past two days. While Lacey fixes her lights and moves the machines, I go downhill to take a ride in another car. Who would have imagined that a small 4×4 would become a cult car? Word is, when Suzuki launched the Jimny, there were lineups around the block at Tokyo dealerships and a huge waiting list. Take a look at the asking prices for used Jimnys in the UK: some exceed the original list.

Unfortunately, Suzuki fitted the car with an engine that could not meet future EU emissions regulations. The company’s smart solution was to remove the rear seats and sell the car as a commercial vehicle. Small, light, and straightforward jobs both off-road and on-road and 10 minutes of brush clearing in the Jimny, shoreline climbing and paddling in puddles are worth an hour in a new Defender.

Final thoughts

I have never owned a Suzuki car but have had at least four motorcycles. My first road bike was a TS125 trail bike that hit the streets at 5.30am on my 17th birthday. And crashed three days later. The Goodwin family doesn’t need a small four-door sedan, but I could almost buy an Ignis on principle. To make a statement, if you will.

If Suzuki sticks to its principles of simplicity, lightness and attractive design, its next 100 years could be even more productive. It will take a company with the Suzuki philosophy to resist the temptation to create overweight, overpowered vehicles as we enter the electric age.

Toys for buoys

I have always had a passion for outboard motors. Like many fetishes, it’s hard to explain. They just look cool and I love how compact they are and the amount of material neatly tucked away in their covers. Gordon Murray is an enthusiast, so I am in good company. He would understand why I spent half an hour gazing at the Suzuki speedboat on a stand at the hotel reception. It’s a monstrous thing, all 4.4-liter V6 four-stroke power. In the outboard world, they brazenly flaunt horsepower figures on their engines. This Suzuki engine is a 350. It is also, at £ 30,900, more expensive than most cars made by Suzuki.

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