Confidential coach: Ssangyong’s commercial success, more low-volume Lamborghinis and more Car News

In this week’s auto gossip roundup, Ssangyong talks about recent sales success, Lamborghini confirms more racetrack-friendly models might see production, why Mercedes doesn’t see the need for fast charging in its PHEVs and more.

Musso more sales after containment

Lifting the lockdown was good news for all retailers, but Ssangyong UK Managing Director Kevin Griffin was especially happy to see sales of Musso vans double after the lockdown ended. “One of the reasons they [customers] coming to us is the offer, ”he said, explaining the growth in sales. “If you buy a truck, you need a truck.

Expect more low-volume Lambos

Lamborghini’s V12 will be electrified in future road cars, but in an exclusive interview boss Stephan Winkelmann said low-volume, pure-combustion track stages like the Essenza SCV12 are not on the table. . “Let’s see what happens. We do it from time to time, ”he said. “We have a lot to do, so we have to be focused. “

PHEVs fast enough for Mercedes

Some EVs now use 800V fast charging technology, but Mercedes doesn’t believe this is necessary for plug-in hybrids. Ruben Voigtländer, responsible for the development of the C-Class PHEV, told Autocar: “We have a range of around 100 km. [62 miles]. We now have 96 cells in series so the cells given allow us to have 400V. If you want to upgrade to 800V, you need to double the number of cells. So for a plug-in hybrid, we would reach 200km [124 miles]. For the moment, we do not see that [as being needed]. “

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