The Audi Skysphere concept is an autonomous roadster that changes shape Car News

Q&A: Gael Buzyn, Skysphere Design Manager

What was the brief for the Skysphere?

“There were no real requirements. I call it a blank check: we were free to express our vision for a level 4 autonomy response. The PB18 E-tron inspired us a bit in the sense that we created a very specific experience. with this car, which was the future of the supercar. Here we wanted to explore the future of grand tourism.

Why a frequent traveler?

“Grand tourism aims to offer the best of what the automotive world has to offer: the greatest luxury, the highest performance and the most beautiful style. But how do you combine all these advantages in a single vehicle? Frequent travelers often offer a compromised experience, and we wanted to show what an electric vehicle can do. “

Could it be a successor to TT?

“I take that as a compliment. The TT is an icon, and I hope it can be too. But it’s a concept, and it’s a lot bigger than the TT.

Does this aim to win new premium customers?

“We’re always looking for new customers, but current customers will also like it. Rather, it is a forgotten experience: a more glamorous and romantic way of using an automobile that was more of the 1930s and 1950s. It is at the heart of many customers.

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