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Mom’s “life-saving” chance encounter with a doctor after a second cancer diagnosis UK News

A woman was diagnosed with cancer for the second time after a chance meeting with her consultant during a race – it could have saved her life.

Nicky Marks, 52, was in remission after breast cancer 13 years ago and had a routine check-up every three years.

But that changed when she ran into her surgeon, Dr Victor Jaffe – twice a week – while running in May.

He invited Nicky to move her next mammogram forward by 18 months – and caught a second growth in her early stages.

Head ward administrator Nicky of Barnet said: “I never thought I would see him again, but he just appeared in front of me.

“I asked if he was Mr. Jaffe and I said ‘I’m Nicky, one of your survivors’, and I can’t really explain, but he said’ You look beautiful, you run and that’s wonderful’.”

But he encouraged her to make an appointment at his clinic for the following week for an exam – and the mother-of-two thankfully did as she was told.

Nicky, mom to sons Daniel, 28, and Josh, 16, added: “After that he kind of disappeared, it was like there was no context, he just said that ‘he would see me on Tuesday “.

Times Series: Nicky with her sons Daniel and Josh.  Credit: SWNSNicky with his sons Daniel and Josh. Credit: SWNS

After Nicky’s daughter promised to pay the £ 199 fee each year if she promised to be checked, Nicky attended the check.

She added: “He checked me in and seemed really happy with my progress, said I looked fine and sent me upstairs to have my mammogram so I walked up the stairs all the time. smiling and joking.

“Then the x-ray machine came out and said ‘we found something’ on my scan.

“It was such a shock, because I had never felt better. I just thought, my God, not yet.”

But despite her surprise, Nicky is determined to be positive about her new diagnosis and is now fundraising for charity by running to keep morale up as she battles cancer for the second time.

She plans to run five miles each day until her operation this Sunday 18 August and has so far raised over £ 8,000 with the help of family and friends who have joined the challenge.

Nicky said: “It can be a bit of a pain to wake up every day and have to decide when to run, but my alternative is to wake up every morning and think ‘I have cancer’.

“I think it’s so important to think about a positive mindset right now.”

Times Series: Nicky Marks pictured with her son Daniel when she was first diagnosed with cancer in 2009. Credit: SWNSNicky Marks pictured with her son Daniel when she was first diagnosed with cancer in 2009. Credit: SWNS

Nicky, her younger sister Rachel and her son Daniel have raised over £ 8,000 by running 5km per day, while her older sister Jacquie swims 2km each day for fundraising in Israel.

Cruise ship guest artist Daniel took on his challenge at sea on a treadmill and on the race track aboard the Royal Caribbean ship, while his sister Sarah donates all of her advice for her hairdressing work in Florida, United States.

The family raises funds for the Alyn Children’s Hospital in Jerusalem.

Nicky said: “We saw severely disabled children who had to carry their own wheelchairs up the stairs because the hospital was so poor, and because of that my mom was always trying to fundraise for the hospital – who is now one of the best in Israel. ”

Times Series: Nicky Marks.  Credit: SWNSNicky Marques. Credit: SWNS

Often joined by walkers and happy to run with anyone alongside her dog Monty, Nicky has booked a new person to join her on her fivek every day for two weeks.

Nicky said: “What shocked me, I think, was that people were so inspired and supportive, with some people saying they started running or went for their mammograms.

“I check myself a lot, but it’s so important that everyone, if they have a date, go get a checkup.”

“I used to hate checking myself because I was worried about what I would find, but it’s so important to know, especially if even a specialist can’t find a lump like I did. was so lucky to have been diagnosed early then. ”

You can read more about Nicky’s story and donate on her donation page here:

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