Oncologist Hove to swim the English Channel next month for charity Brighton News

AN ONCOLOGIST will swim in the English Channel next month to raise funds for two cancer charities.

Joanna Stokoe has been training for more than two years to cross the busiest sea area in the world.

His fundraiser for the Sussex Cancer Fund and the Roy Castle Lung Foundation has already raised over £ 3,500.

Joanna, from Poets Corner in Hove, who works at Sussex University Hospitals, said the two charities are very much involved in her day-to-day work and that she is able to see how the money raised for them has a direct impact on the patients.

“Funding for the two charities has been significantly affected by Covid and people have not been able to fundraise in the normal way,” she said.

“I see the benefit and for me when I take on a big challenge like this it helps you keep going when the going gets tough.”

Having booked her swim well in advance, she, like many others, saw her plans disrupted due to the pandemic, with swimming pools and recreation centers closed during the lockdown.

She said: “Usually in the winter you train at speed in swimming pools, but I couldn’t do it for several months.

“I swam in the waters around Shoreham Harbor – I think the coldest it got was 3.5 ° C. I could only manage 16 minutes, but I was swimming for up to an hour or so. of 10 ° C – trying to do as long as possible three to four times a week.

Joanna is expected to take on the water between September 14-18, during a “dead tide” week, where the tides don’t move as much throughout the day.

Although the distance is approximately 21 miles from point to point, it is likely to swim further due to the tides and because its route will not follow a straight line, with Channel swimmers often adopting a route S-shaped from coast to coast.

Temperatures in the water are expected to hover around 17C to 18C, and depending on the tides, Joanna may have to leave in the dark.

She will depart from near the port of Dover and swim alongside a boat with an independent observer, crew and a few friends who have already swam the English Channel, arriving at Cap Gris-Nez, just south-west of Calais.

Those who take up the challenge must follow strict rules, with swimmers only allowed to wear a swimsuit, hat, earplugs and goggles.

Swimmers are also not allowed to touch the accompanying boat at any time during the swim and must be fed by a bottle thrown at them attached to a rope.

Donations can be made to Joanna’s fundraiser at

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