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Afghanistan: The heartbreaking story of a mother of a soldier son as the country falls | United Kingdom | New UK News

Speaking to LBC’s David Lammy, the mother of Lt. Daniel Clack, who was killed by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan at just 24 years old on August 12, 2011, reflected on her feelings ten years after his death. Sue explained how seeing coverage of the Taliban’s quick wins in the country as they slowly regain control after Western troops withdraw leaves her with the “trivial question” that “maybe he’s dead.” for nothing “. The heartbreaking appeal comes as the Taliban draw closer to the Afghan capital of Kabul as British nationals are evacuated by 600 British Army troops arriving in the country over the weekend.

Sue said, “Dan never wanted to do anything else… he knew he was going to deploy to Afghanistan.

“He felt he was trained well enough and that he had never expected that he would die. “

But in a heartbreaking admission, she explained how, although he never thought he would be killed in action, he still wrote letters in case the worst happened.

She said: “He wrote letters for us to open them if this situation arose where he apologized.”

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And in a desperately sad moment, she added: “But also said it was the greatest privilege he has ever had to lead the Rifles.”

A visibly emotional David Lammy replied, “I think I’m going to cry now.”

The caller added: “I have a parchment from the queen that basically says ‘he gave his life for the queen and the country’ and that’s what it was – that’s who he served.

“He knew that was where he was going, he never questioned it, and when he was there he did his best.”

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“Now it will be in the headlines again for months and it will make it very difficult.”

The Taliban have made huge strides across Afghanistan in recent weeks as Western forces withdraw from the country.

On Saturday evening, it was reported that the Taliban were outside the capital Kabul, preparing to launch an offensive to take the city.

456 members of the British forces lost their lives in Afghanistan during the coalition’s 20-year campaign to keep the Taliban out of control. Of that total, 405 were killed as a result of hostile actions, according to the Defense Ministry.

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