Opinion: All eyes of the motorsport world are on Belgium Car News

Kronos was also the team that raced Neuville in the 2011 Intercontinental Rally Challenge, in which he was one of five drivers vying for the title in the final round. It’s easy to forget Belgium and its chip-eating heroes, but for this month at least, the insanely strong beer nation is also the most important country in world motorsport.

How it works: fuel checks after the race in Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel lost his hard-earned second place for Aston Martin in the recent Hungarian Grand Prix due to small but crucial technicality. After a race, FIA officials must be able to collect at least one liter of fuel from each car that finishes, in order to provide a sample for legality checks.

Vettel’s AMR21, which stopped after the checkered flag with a suspected problem with the fuel pump, gave only 0.3 liters of fuel when returned to the parc fermé, leaving the race marshals little to ‘no choice but to disqualify him.

Aston Martin has indicated its intention to appeal on the grounds that the car was still carrying 1.74 liters of fuel at the end of the race. The problem is, if FIA officials couldn’t get it back into the tank, the rule violation – even if it relates to the fuel pump issue – is hard to dispute.

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