Calls for a repayment deal for North Yorkshire as the county faces major overhaul in its political world Yorkshire News

The view of the Valley of York from the top of Sutton Bank in North Yorkshire. The county must undergo a major local government reorganization to pave the way for a long-awaited repayment agreement. (Photo: James Hardisty)

Last month, the government announced the largest local government reform in the county in nearly half a century to pave the way for a repayment agreement.

Ministers had stipulated that a key requirement of any move to shift spending and decision-making powers to North Yorkshire was that the current two-tier governance system be replaced by a single general unitary authority.

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However, the new “super council” will not be in place until spring 2023 at the earliest, raising fears that North Yorkshire will lag further behind other northern areas that already have takeback agreements.

North Yorkshire County Council Leader Coun Carl Les told The Yorkshire Post that negotiations with the government for a repayment agreement will begin in earnest later this month.

A letter is also being sent to Neil O’Brien, the Conservative MP from Harborough in Leicestershire who was tasked with overseeing the leveling agenda by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to make the case for a repayment deal for North Yorkshire as soon as possible. .

Coun Les told: “Devolution has been on my agenda since I became council leader six years ago.

“I have been frustrated at times by the lack of progress, but now that we have the go-ahead for the local government reorganization, we need to make sure we get a repayment agreement as soon as possible.”

The need for decentralized competencies is seen as a vital step towards achieving the ambition of a carbon negative economy in North Yorkshire, which is poised to develop a number of new supply chains, potential business growth in the green sector, as well as investments. internal.

Local Government Secretary Robert Jenrick revealed last month that the chosen option was a new single council structure proposed by the North Yorkshire County Council on a rival bid submitted by the seven district councils for two authorities divided over a east / west base.

According to plans, the York Council will remain a unitary council.

Selby District Council Leader Coun Mark Crane emphasized that he supported a repayment agreement, but questioned the merits of introducing a metropolitan mayor to oversee just two authorities.

He said: “Other tube mayors have the responsibility of overseeing many more local authorities, and I am not sure that another level of bureaucracy is needed in North Yorkshire when the leaders of York and the new unitary authority can make decisions.

“However, I fully support the powers transferred to North Yorkshire, and we must ensure that an agreement is reached as soon as possible.”

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