Confidential coach: SUVs are past their prime, possible hot Audi A1 and more Car News

In this week’s confidential Autocar, a start-up CEO predicts that SUVs have passed their peak and demand for small cars is poised to rise, and Audi refuses to rule out a hot version of the S1 supermini in the future.

Red dawn for Volkswagen

Since the original Golf GTI, Volkswagen has used red to mark performance models, a theme that continues in the age of electric vehicles with the red details on the ID 4 GTX. “Color has a strong symbolism: red is blood, red is fire,” said color and trim designer Mareike Hackbarth. “It triggers feelings of activity, energy and a zest for life. This makes red the ideal brand color to use for performance models. We will overlook the fact that the R Division trademark color is Lapiz Blue.

Hot Audi A1, anyone?

Could Audi consider a follow-up to the hot S1 supermini? RS3 product boss Marcel-Alexander Hübner said the RS3 will remain the smallest RS model for the foreseeable future, as below that “we only have the A1 at the moment”. This suggests that a future B segment offering could get the Neckarsulm treatment. The A1, he said, “is not getting an RS version yet.” At the present time? Well he didn’t say never …

SUV made for?

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