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Love Island’s Liberty and Jake leave the show as the villa is flooded with tears UK News

There was a flood of tears in the Love Island villa as Liberty and Jake left the show in emotional scenes that aired Friday night.

Earlier today there were rumors that the exes had dated after their shock breakup and the speculation turned out to be true, when they returned from their lavish but rather embarrassing end date to announce their departure. to the rest of the islanders.

Liberty told them they didn’t want to be there “to take a seat” as everyone else was a strong couple as the relationship between her and Jake fell apart.

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Jake added that their heads weren’t in the right place and they needed to “take a step back”.

The rest of the Love Island cast were shocked, with Faye apologizing to Liberty and saying she was “sorry” things hadn’t worked out for her, while Tyler and Liam were on hand to console Jake.

Chloe told Liberty, “You didn’t deserve this at all. It’s so sad,” to which Liberty replied, “I made good friends, I fell in love, I didn’t work.

“I grew up as a person … it’s been a hell of a trip.”

Liberty’s best friend in the villa, Kaz, said that while she was disembowelled her friend was leaving, she was happy for her because she had “freed herself”, after a week of having serious doubts about her and Jake’s relationship.

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Jake said, “There is no bad blood between me and Lib as she has been my entire trip here.

“There have been ups, there have been downs, there have been tears, there have been laughter… you name it, we have had it.”

Love Island fans immediately called for a rule change so Liberty could win this year. With her and Jake gone, Chloe and Toby are now the favorites to take home the £ 50,000.

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