I’ll be honest: I dread cooking for people in the summer heat a bit. When hosting the toughest parties, I try to give myself a short to-do list so I can keep my cool and choose a menu that’s prepared and ready to go before people arrive.

For starters, my five-minute trout pie is a crowd pleaser; even friends who usually don’t like smoked fish end up asking for the recipe.

And to follow, a hearty vegetarian frittata in a pan that I love for its layers: delicious roasted potatoes on the bottom, made with black beans, mature cheddar cheese, spring onions and pickled jalapeños. It’s as good warm as it is at room temperature, so it can be prepared ahead of time when it’s cooler and will liberate your evening.

For dessert, my crumbles are light and excellent at any temperature. Strawberries and cherries go hand in hand, and all you have to do is choose what to serve them with: curd cream, whipped cream or good old vanilla ice cream?

Trout pâté

A simple starter that you can garnish with crunchy vegetables and crackers for dipping. It’s ready in five minutes (just blend the ingredients together in a food processor).

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