12 adorable photos of new summer fun and fun at Woburn Safari Park Bedford News

After a difficult start to the year, everyone was happy to see Woburn Safari Park reopen in April 2021.

And there has been a lot to explore since then; from new enclosures of penguins and squirrel monkeys to adorable new babies that have appeared across the park.

Not to mention the many enrichment activities that entertained the animals.

The new faces of the Park

The new arrivals for 2021 began with the birth of new baby bear cub, Denver, and continued throughout the summer.

In the Foot Safari, the keepers welcomed four adorable mongoose puppies, born to parents Manuel and Miss Tibbs.

Plus, a new pack of bush dogs who, with their chatty nature and high-pitched vocal calls, can often be heard by visitors long before they reach their enclosure.

Meanwhile, the road safari keepers saw the arrival of four moose who formed their own strong bond between them, and a critically endangered Somali wild donkey foal named Vusumuzi.

Of course, we can’t forget the biggest arrival of the year – four-year-old Bonnie, the newcomer to the Southern White Rhino crash. With a mischievous bounce in her step, she settled down nicely.

Visitors aren’t the only ones to have had a fun day on safari this summer.

Bears, lions and monkeys all kept up and visitors had fun, all while interacting with exciting enrichment activities.

Young North American black bear Koda enjoyed a refreshing dip in the pool during the heatwave. And after finding a stick to add to the fun, the youngster was content to wade in afterwards.

In the lion enclosure, the African lion brothers Kahari and Kojo celebrated their 2nd birthday with a special gift. The keepers worked with specialists, Team Building with Bite, to create a toy with real enrichment value. The gift was modeled after a puzzle toy for a domestic cat, with a bullet trapped in a frame.

Of course, monkeys are well known for their playful nature and they have certainly shown it this summer. The guards surprised them one morning by hanging rope ladders, tires and swings throughout their house.

Enrichment plays an important role in the lives of all the animals in the park. It comes in many forms, physical, sensory or food. But besides being entertaining, the activities also encourage natural behaviors and provide the animals with mental and physical stimulation.

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