Apparently, the same age group is also more concerned about the environment than older drivers. On this point, as Flynn leaves for his second round of the day, I spy on 13-year-old twins Immie and Issie returning from their half-hour drive. How to reconcile concern for the environment with driving a metal box on already congested roads? The name of a certain Swedish activist is announced quickly …

“I think what Greta Thunberg says about our responsibility to the environment and making greener choices is right,” Immie says. “She hasn’t dissuaded me from driving or driving, however. Electric cars are the answer.

It’s a point of view shared by other young people I talk to. They are concerned about vehicle emissions, but rather than sacrificing the car on the altar of the environment, they see electric vehicles as the solution. We don’t get into the realms of moving shows, exploiting scarce resources, and pricing when you have no aisle; these are subjects for another day. Right now, they just want to drive. But why?

“Because driving brings practical benefits,” says 16-year-old Ruby. She is the older sister to the twins and can’t wait to get her provisional license. “I’m aware of the environmental concerns around cars, but for everyone my age a car is freedom. Where we live, public transportation is not good. For example, I need three buses to get from my house to my friends across Kingston. Having a car will make it easier for me to visit them and find a job on Saturdays as well. “

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