Audi Grand Sphere concept to be unveiled on September 2 Car News

While the Grand Sphere has been designed around its autonomous capabilities, Lichte has insisted that it will keep the focus on the driver. “It’s an Audi, and an Audi must be fun to drive,” he said.

The concept retains a steering wheel, although this retracts into the dashboard when the car is in autonomous mode. This dashboard will also introduce a radical new design, with the removal of all physical buttons and screens.

“We’re already thinking beyond the screen,” Lichte said. “In this car, there is no more display. There is no dashboard; there is a huge open space, and we are working with projection mapping.

“We have some great ideas on how we’re going to integrate the screens in the driving position. There is a very nice app, and if you need a screen for satellite navigation or to watch a movie [when the car is] in stand-alone mode, we will project all the content on this application.

While some of the interior features of the Grand Sphere echo those seen in more conceptual stand-alone design proposals, such as its retractable wheel and radical interface, Lichte insisted that “there is no big gap “between it and the Landjet production car which will be revealed in 2024 and go on sale the following year.

Audi interior design boss Norbert Weber added: “The new leeway that is offered to us [by EV design] in the cabin is something we want to use to emphasize what the exterior design shows. We want to continue to develop the interior with a new expressiveness. We’ve always had strong interior cabins, and that uniqueness shows a new importance developing inside the exterior. “

Sphere concept trio to explore autonomy

More Sphere Concepts Expected The Grand Sphere will be joined over the next year by two more concepts that will explore the future design of self-driving Audi cars, both of which were previewed in a short video.

Audi’s head of exterior design, Philipp Römers, said the trio will explore all themes around the car’s interior as a living “sphere”. He said, “We have the claim ‘inside daring, outside magic.” This is the paradigm shift that runs through the different classes. It is not specific to segment D , for example, we can see these concepts radiate in other segments as well. ”

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