Toyota GR Supra Jarama Racetrack Edition 2021 UK review Car News

Not only that, but it’s also comfortable over long distances, with plenty of adjustments in the seat and steering column, well-judged seat padding and a remarkable ability to cover the worst surfaces Highways England can throw at it. It’s also very manoeuvrable, even in town, with a tight turning radius and all the parking aids you could reasonably need.

In an effort to re-familiarize ourselves with Toyota’s premium sports car, however, we have to again emphasize the slightly cramped cockpit and sub-par visibility in both directions. Would Toyota be tempted to sacrifice the signature double bubble cover for a panoramic sunroof option? Doubtful, but it would ventilate the cabin well.

Aside from that coat of paint on the calipers, the chassis remains intact, so while its effective bump dampening and overall ride refinement are welcome traits, the Supra feels like it comes to a halt just before the edge when you really push it. You can tip it in a bobby pin with a good lick and be sure you exit safely to the other side, but you won’t come away thinking, “Wow, I did that.”

The steering is impressively precise and the shocks hold up firmly to roll, but the front could be a lot more chatty, of course, and the manual gearbox paddles are tuned for faster shift times though. it must remain a compelling alternative to some of its more overtly driver-oriented rivals.

Which finally brings us back to the Racetrack element of this car’s name: is it a car with a legacy that it can’t really claim? The less powerful 2.0-liter Supra can be similarly specified in a white-on-black Fuji Speedway trim, but you have to wonder if such a marketing ploy only serves to draw attention to some of the less racy features. of the model. Plus, you won’t even get away with a hint of a rash on those matte black rims.

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