The new ACM City One replaces the batteries of urban electric vehicles Car News

A German start-up will build a compact electric micro-car that it plans to mass sell at a low price, after securing the services of Magna International, a global auto parts maker.

Munich-based Adaptive City Mobility (ACM) has developed the City One over the past eight years and says the car will have an interchangeable battery and space for up to five people.

Prices are expected to be between € 10,000 and € 15,000 (£ 8,562 to £ 12,843). Most sales are expected to come from the fleet sector, with taxi and rental companies in Asia and Africa seen as key markets. The City One can also be used as a small utility vehicle and has a cargo hold of up to 1,450 liters.

ACM also says City One will provide an alternative solution to the shortage of fast-charging stations, combining home charging and replaceable batteries with range extension capabilities.

Parts giant Magna is currently developing a production model, with test vehicles expected to be produced in Asia in 2024. ACM, which was formed in 2014, says intent documents have already been signed for the sale of 208,000 cars, for a total sales value. over € 3 billion (£ 2.5 billion).

“We are delighted to take this important step by bringing ACM City One to market,” said Paul Leibold, Founder and CEO of ACM. “We look forward to bringing the expertise and capabilities of this leading supplier of complete vehicles to [Magna] to strengthen our mission to make electric transport truly accessible on a global scale.

“As a unique vehicle, the ACM City One requires a unique approach to series production. Magna’s engineering expertise is perfectly suited to bring the ecosystem of this specialized vehicle to life – on a large scale – from adaptive structure to operating systems.

A production vehicle from the ACM City One will be presented publicly at the IAA Mobility event in Munich in September.


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