Traffic on public holidays: RAC reveals roads and schedules to avoid as 17 million people plan escapades Bedford News

Drivers planning to leave this holiday weekend are urged to plan ahead and allow more time for their journeys, as Britons anticipate an additional 16.7 million journeys over the next few days.

With a good weather forecast for the weekend, the RAC predicts that traffic volume could return to pre-pandemic levels, leading to the risk of breakdowns, queues and delays on some of the country’s key routes. .

Working with traffic data specialists Inrix, the automotive group identified the routes and times likely to see the heaviest traffic and urged drivers to try and plan their trips to avoid hot spots.

Friday is expected to be the busiest day of the holiday weekend, with around 4.3 million leisure trips planned and combined with regular commuter traffic. The RAC warns that traffic levels are expected to peak around 11 a.m., relentlessly before 7 p.m. Saturday and Monday are expected to see three million more trips, with 2.6 million more trips on Sunday.

Roads in southwest England are expected to bear the brunt of traffic with around 3.6 million trips expected to and from the region between Friday. and Monday. The M5 and A303 are expected to face the longest delays as holidaymakers, with traffic more than doubling at peak times.

RAC outage spokesman Rod Dennis said: “It has been an incredibly busy summer on UK roads with a large number of people traveling both on holiday ‘stay’ and on holiday. day trips to the sea and to the countryside. Our numbers suggest that this is a trend that will continue, with exceptional traffic during the holidays, especially on the most popular vacation routes.

“While this weekend many people will be returning from a summer vacation in the UK, the lovely calm weather will also be seen as an opportunity for many people to jump in their cars for last minute trips – after all is the last bank holiday weekend in England, Wales and Northern Ireland before Christmas.

Bob Pishue, Transportation Analyst at INRIX, added, “Drivers hitting the road for one final jaunt before the end of summer can expect long delays on major corridors. Knowing when and where congestion will develop can help drivers avoid the stress of sitting in traffic. Our advice is to avoid traveling in the afternoon – leave early in the day or be prepared for the journey time to double. “

Anyone taking the road is invited to perform a few simple checks before hitting the road. To make sure you and your car are well prepared, take a look at our top travel tips.

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