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Brexit issues could mean pigs in blankets are off the menu for Christmas 2021 UK News

Last year, it was Covid-19 which modified our Christmas plans but in 2021 its Brexit which could change the festive traditions.

Classic Christmas dinner favorites like pigs in blankets may be scarce this year due to post-Brexit concerns.

Brits could struggle to get hold of them this winter as labor shortages in the industry continue, the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) has warned.

A retail industry boss has called on the government to help address a factor behind product shortages in the UK, a shortage of truck drivers.

Speaking to the PA News Agency, BMPA chief executive Nick Allen blamed the government’s immigration policies for the staffing issues faced by many companies.

He told PA that on average, BMPA members are under staffing around 12% to 13%, with a company missing around a fifth of its workforce.

“Some hog processors have to reduce the number of hogs they process per week, which is starting to impact the farm.

“We’re shrinking and prioritizing rows and eliminating things, so there just won’t be the Christmas favorites total like we’re used to.”

He said the usual demand for pigs in blankets, sausages wrapped in bacon, reaches around 40 million packs, but the impact this year could mean production is cut by a third as there is a shortage. of labor to manufacture them.

Gammon’s supplies could join the pigs in blankets being affected, he added.

Helene Dickinson. (PENNSYLVANIA)

Helen Dickinson, Managing Director of the British Retail Consortium, said: “The UK is facing a shortage of 90,000 truck drivers and consumers will ultimately suffer.

“So far there has been minimal disruption thanks to the incredible work of retailers and their suppliers.

“Retailers are raising pay rates, offering bonuses and introducing new driver training programs, as well as direct support to their suppliers in the movement of goods, but the government will have to play its part.

“We call on the government to rapidly increase the number of heavy truck driving tests, provide temporary visas for EU drivers and make changes to the way heavy truck driver training can be funded.”

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