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Met Office weather forecast: High winds and rain expected to hit UK in September UK News

Parts of the country are expected to experience high winds and rain as September in the UK appears to be “unstable”, forecasters say.

This week across much of the country the latest summer weather glimpses for the year can be seen with what looks like a miserable month ahead.

The Met Office attributed this to an area of โ€‹โ€‹low pressure expected to set in from Sunday, combined with the effects of “increased tropical storm activity” in the United States.

Alex Burkill, a Met Office forecaster, told the PA News Agency: โ€œIt’s fair to say that the start of the month will be pretty settled, with a lot of pressure dominating.

โ€œThere will be drizzle and clouds in the east this week, but in the west some areas will definitely hit low 20 and see flashes of sunshine here and there.

“However, this could perhaps be the last summer weather until the end of September, with an extended period of unstable conditions and low pressure starting on Sunday.”

Mr Burkill warned that September is expected to see “more rain and wind” than August, which was wetter than average in parts of south-east and London.

He said: โ€œThe depression along with increased tropical storm activity across the Atlantic will certainly give the month a more fall feel than in previous years.

“The temperature should stay around the year average, maybe a little cooler until the end of the month – when it might get drier again.”

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