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A request for FREEDOM of Information today reveals the municipal car parks where drivers receive the most parking fines.

Stanmer Park drivers have received the most parking fines from Brighton and Hove city councils, closely followed by those illegally parking at The Ingram Estate in Hove.

Here is the number of fines imposed by One Parking Solution in municipal car parks between January and mid-June of this year.

Earlier this year the council was asked to stop using the parking company accused of slapping disabled drivers with £ 100 at a beauty spot.

It came after The Argus was contacted by several angry residents who were hit with tickets to park on the grounds of Stanmer Park during the coronavirus pandemic.

Independent councilor Bridget Fishleigh raised the issue of a private entrepreneur, employed by the council, giving tickets to cars with blue badges.

Here is the number of fines imposed by the company on sites belonging to the municipality:

213 Stanmer Park, Brighton

210 Ingram Court and Ingram Estate, Hove

125, rue Ellen / House / Garages, Hove

71 Hereford Court, Brighton

49 The Bates Estate, Brighton

48 Brighton and Hove seafront

41 Essex Place, Brighton

39 Wiltshire House, Brighton

29 Theobald House, Brighton

29 Nettleton & Dudeney, Brighton

27 Falcon Court, Brighton

26 St John’s Mount, Brighton

24 Kingswood & Milner, Brighton

Housing Office 23 Lavender Street, Brighton

20 Maison Dinapore, Brighton

Car park 19 rue Ardingly, Brighton

19 Leach Court, Brighton

19 Place d’Ivoire, Brighton

19 Thornsdale, Brighton

19 Canterbury Drive, Brighton

19 Swallow Court, Brighton

18 Kebbell Lodge, Brighton

18 Grove Bank, Brighton

18 Southwater Close, Brighton

17 Wellington Road, Brighton

16 Grand Parade (75-77), Brighton

16 Southall Avenue, Brighton

15 Langhurst, Brighton

15 Bowring Way, Brighton

14 Conway Court, Hove

14 St James House, Brighton

14 Cour Philippe, Hove

13 Chates Farm Court, Brighton

12 Newhaven Street, Brighton

11 Brockhurst, Brighton

11 Saxonbury, Brighton

10 Kite Place, Brighton

9 Center FED / Montague House, Brighton

9 Kingfisher Court, Brighton

9 Courtlands, Brighton

9 Hampshire Court, Brighton

9 Kingston Close, Hove

9 Livingstone House, Hove

9 Mayflower Square, Brighton

Parking 8 Lewes Street, Brighton

8 Saunders Park View, Brighton

7 Pilot House, Brighton

7 Parking Highcroft Lodge, Brighton

7 Hadlow Close, Brighton

7 Tyson Place, Brighton

6 Albion Hill, Brighton

6 Bromley Road, Brighton

6 Goldstone House, Hove

6 Highway, Brighton

6 new Steine ​​Mews, Brighton

6 Upper Rock Gardens, Brighton

5 Highleigh, Brighton

5 Garages Graham Avenue, Portslade

5 Sandhurst Avenue, Brighton

5 Westmount, Brighton

4 Patchdean, Brighton

4 Parham Close, Brighton

4 Belgrave Day Center, Portslade

4 Hobby Place, Brighton

4 Kestrel Court, Brighton

4 Court of Tozer, Portslade

3 Malthouse Court, Brighton

3 Heron Court, Brighton

3 Chapel Street, Brighton

3 Blackdown, Brighton

3 Clarke Court, Hove

3 St Andrews Road, Brighton

3 Stanmer Village, Brighton

3 Tillington, Brighton

2 Rose Hill Court, Brighton

2 Salehurst Close, Brighton

2 Garnet House, Brighton

2 Ardingly Court, Brighton

2 Buckley Close, Hove

2 Churchill House garages, Hove

2 Westham, Brighton

1 New Dorset Street, Brighton

A spokesperson for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “The parking enforcement done by One Parking Solutions for us in these areas is for the benefit of residents who pay to be able to park there.

“The areas with the most tickets tend to be those where there is additional pressure from commuters, visitors, shoppers and commercial parking lots.

“We only apply in cases where there is unjustified parking.

“We are not aware of any residents of Ellen Street or Ingram Crescent complaining about the number of fine notices issued.

“One Parking Solutions is still doing the execution for us in the village of Stanmer. But he quit his performing role at Stanmer Park in February.

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