Hot Wheels offers enthusiasts the opportunity to have a toy made of their car Car News

Hot Wheels gives a car owner the chance to have their car immortalized as a toy.

The miniature car maker is asking custom car owners to participate in the Hot Wheels Legends event for a chance to see their car transformed into a 1:64 scale model that will be released in Hot Wheels’ 2022 lineup.

The winning car will be a classic, modified or race car that encompasses “the high standards of performance, authenticity and ‘garage spirit’ of Hot Wheels”. To participate, owners are requested to submit a video of their car by October 1, 2021 to

Hot Wheels Chief Design Officer Ted Wu explained why the UK is part of this global competition: “With so many passionate enthusiasts and talented car builders and restorers, the UK has a truly diverse automotive culture. with a thriving modification and performance scene.

“We’ll be looking for the best, whether it’s a pre-war British hotrod, a restomod from the ’70s or the’ 80s, ultra-custom hatchback build from the ’90s or one of today’s bespoke hypercars we want to see the best cars the UK has to offer. And who knows? Your pride and joy may well become a legend on a small scale.

The judgment will take place on October 14. The jury includes former Jaguar design boss Ian Callum, who said: “From an imposing stance, full of presence, vivid colors and a sense of speed, Hot Wheels captures a creative freedom that inspires l rebellious spirit in a car designer.

“Hot Wheels takes me back to a poorly spent youth when I wondered why real cars couldn’t be like this. Well now I know they can and are. They inspire an excitement that we all need in our lives.

Once the British judgment is completed, the winner will face finalists from Japan, Mexico, Germany and the United States. The global winner will then be replicated as a Hot Wheels car ready for sale in 2022.

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