Morgan Plus Four CX-T: roadster stars ready for rally at Salon Prive Car News

There is a five-piece underbody protection system, including front impact protection, engine protection, rear frame protection, midsection shield and a new rear wheel arch. The exhaust system is redesigned with its outlets in the elongated rear flanks of the car, so as not to limit ground clearance.

The CX-T retains the standard two-wheel drive setup of the Plus Four and its drivetrain is mostly standard, but it adopts a BMW xDrive electronic differential – with bespoke software – which offers three drive modes, including full lockout. differential in extreme conditions. It has a shorter than standard final gear ratio to compensate for much larger diameter wheels and tires, and the wheel arches have been widened for more clearance.

The CX-T is clearly based on the Plus Four, although it now features a bespoke composite hardtop and prominent tubular roll cage and is heavily modified to maximize carrying capacity. of luggage and equipment. There is also an internal roll cage, bolted to the original structure, but despite all the additions the total weight is under 1300kg, a remarkable achievement.

The traditional slanted rear panel of the Plus Four has been replaced with custom-made side panels and an equipment rack designed to carry two spare wheels, several “hardened” Pelican cases, a toolbox and two cans of gasoline and oil. water. All the equipment has been carefully designed for safe transport but also quick release. Wells and colleagues also design bike racks and roof boxes based on special instructions from future owners.

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