Radical Audi Grandsphere concept to become next A8 in 2024 Car News

Notably, and exceptionally, there are no screens, dials or physical controls visible upon entering the cabin of the Grandsphere, where the designers have striven to achieve “digital detox.” On start-up, projections throughout the interior show relevant data and displays for each passenger, while a sensor bar below the main front display allows instant switching between tabs and a rotary-style MMI touch button can be used by the driver to scroll through menus. Eye movements and gestures can be used for the same functions in fully autonomous mode, and because the Grandsphere learns the preferences of its users, it can optionally “make personal suggestions” to each user.

With a length of 5,350mm, a width of 2,000mm and a wheelbase of 3,190mm, the Grandsphere is much larger than even the long-wheelbase version of the A8, but Audi points out that it’s more a four-door GT than a traditional sedan, with a clean silhouette that comes “straight out of the wind tunnel”. As such, it has a long hood despite its electric undercarriages and the rear is heavily contoured for optimum aerodynamic efficiency. It’s unclear how closely tied the eventual production car will be, but it will almost certainly lose the bizarre 23-inch wheels.

The concept uses the PPE platform, developed in partnership with Porsche, which will underpin the new Q6 E-tron and Macan EV next year. It has a 120 kWh battery capable of charging at speeds of up to 270 kW and providing a range of over 466 miles, and a two-engine four-wheel drive powertrain producing 711 hp and 708 lbs. -pi. Theoretically, it will do 0-62 mph in just over 4.0 seconds but has a regulated top speed to conserve energy.

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