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The best Christmas cakes for the holiday season 2021, tested and approved Wine News

Don’t try to deny it – we all spend time thinking about what dessert (s) we’ll have on Christmas Day, and a traditional Christmas cake often pops up at the table for the festive meal.

A thick layer of white frosting, a layer of smooth marzipan and a dense fruit cake inside; at a glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that all Christmas cakes are the same. But this year’s high-street hauling proves just how different they can taste, from citrus-rich to bold and boozy. There is something for everyone.

While desserts and cakes such as panettones and tarts are also favorites during the holiday season, many just don’t seem to be away from the classic Christmas cake. So we thought we would test a range of the best in the supermarket for you.

Whether you prefer a thicker frosting or the real quality is in the spicy fruit for you, there’s a range to choose from this Christmas – so if you’re a little behind the rest of the Christmas dinner grocery store. , at least the dessert will be sorted after reading this.

From traditional recipes to more unique grips such as burnt marzipan, we’ve tried it all – so read on if you’re not sure which one to buy for Christmas Day.

Waitrose No1 Rich Fruit Christmas Cake – 5 Stars

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