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The best logs for the Christmas holidays 2021, tested and approved Wine News

For chocolate fans, the log is one of the only Christmas desserts that will do the trick on D-Day.

While many others would feast on a panettone, a hash pie, or even a slice of Christmas cake, some of us crave the gooey, cocoa-rich ganache and can’t wait to see our chocolate logs swimming in. a bowl of cream.

This year’s offerings are largely based on the traditional and proven formula of soft spiral sponge cake, chocolate buttercream, and a thick layer of rich ganache. However, vegan options are popular, while some creations feature crème fraîche for a lighter log.

Whether you are looking for an aesthetically impressive dessert or the simpler one, the best in your eyes – as long as it tastes good, there are plenty of logs to choose from for your Christmas pudding.

We’ve picked the best in the business and evaluated them all for you – so all that’s left is to refuel, ready for the festivities to come.

M&S Collection woody log – 5 stars

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This notice was published: 2021-12-13 11:25:18

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