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What is that?

Within three minutes of entering a Born in the UK Cupra, I’m bored.

He told me that I am not driving in the middle of the lane when there is a perfectly good reason why I am not, and turning off the Lane Keeping Assist system is as complicated as turning it off. put a heated seat, which is at least three touchscreen icon moves away. This stuff is unforgivably irritating.

Which is a shame, because, moreover, I quite like the Born. This is a hot and light electric sedan from Cupra, which is the sporty part of Seat (although, yes, Seat was once the sporty part of the Volkswagen Group as well, if you remember that).

It’s based on the same platform as the Volkswagen ID 3 and at 4322mm long is 61mm longer, so it’s still comfortably ‘small family’ size on the outside but is much larger on the outside. interior than a conventional internal combustion hatch, due to the packaging advantages of having a battery under the floor and an engine in the rear. It is spacious in the front and spacious in the rear seats. Aside from the ergonomic weaknesses, the material choices and design are very pleasant.

What does it look like?

Battery electric vehicles tend to be heavier than an ICE alternative, but there are advantages to it as well. The fact that the Born’s battery gives an inherently low center of gravity and the suspension is 15mm lower at the rear and 10mm lower at the front than on the ID 3, gives this Born 201bhp of mid-range, with a usable battery of 58 kWh, an edge to its player.

It’s heavier than the gasoline-powered Cupra Leon, but the weight is in the right place and the engineers finally seem to have mastered the big masses, which don’t need stiff anti-roll bars because they’re set so low.

Thus, the Born flows very well on a small British road, without ever the slightest harshness, while its steering, the weight of which can be adjusted, is easy, smooth and precise. There is no torque steering, as there is no power to the front wheels, while there is a hint of dynamism from the rear-wheel drive.

On a slippery road, you can feel the 229 lb-ft of torque just helping to spin the car out of a corner. Nothing wild or dramatic, but a nice feeling of agility that you don’t get in something ordinary with a big mass of alternating masses in the nose and dragging the front wheels.

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