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Panto Live presents Santa Live is advertised as a one-of-a-kind online interactive pantomime that allows you to interact live with Santa and his elves.

It is a spectacular virtual event that allows families and students to meet Santa from their home or school.

This live panto experience features interactive buttons, live shouting, and a front row virtual audience.

It combines the traditional experience of meeting Santa with the comedy and wit of the panto, not forgetting the classical musical element that is the core of all good pantomime.

Santa Live producer Lianne Collinson said: “Every child should have the opportunity to meet Santa at Christmas, and Panto Live has joined forces with him to be able to talk to children in their homes no matter where in the world they are. find ”.

Panto online Santa Live Interactive 2021 until December 24 – book now

The show features Portuguese Got Talent finalist Martin Callaghan as Santa.

Martin has also appeared in Panto Live’s 2020 Cinderella Live pantomime, as the Baron, and will appear in his 2022 pantomime, Peter Pan Live as Smee.

Santa’s Elves promise to bring joy, laughter and classic panto comedy to this interactive and inclusive show.

Cinderella Live was enjoyed by over 300,000 people around the world last Christmas and the show was the perfect solution as cinemas faced closure as a result of closures in the UK due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Santa Live: virtual experimenter with live audience and shouts of panto

Santa Live includes virtual buttons available on screen while viewers watch the show so they can cheer and shout in real time.

Printable pantomime activity packs also come with each ticket, including puzzles and quizzes along with song sheets for the show.

The online event can be enjoyed in schools and homes around the world this Christmas.

Magical and interactive Christmas show

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