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The ultimate Pancake Day kit for flipping perfection, from frying pans to spatulas Wine News

The best mixing bowls

One of the key methods of pancake perfection is a smooth, silky batter prepared well in advance. The right mixing bowl is your friend here – along with either of these sturdy products. The John Lewis Bowl really is like a jug, with a vast 6 liter capacity so no one is without it, and a spout so you can go straight to the pot. Alternatively, for those who prepare their batter the night before, this 1 liter Lock and Lock pitcher has measurement markings and a resealable lid to prevent spills in the fridge.

Best whips

An old-fashioned stainless steel hand whisk is fantastic for whipping dough (and cream too, if you fancy it) and Lakeland, a kitchen favorite, has several products at great prices. Meanwhile, more of an engagement is that shiny chrome number from kitchen status symbol brand Dualit. In addition to its good looks, the four-speed retractable cable number has standard beaters, plus a dough cooker and balloon whisk attachments, so it’s well worth the price.

Lemon reamer

If you prefer the classic crepe with sugar and lemon, a good juicer is essential. Avoid getting squirted in the eye or dropping fruit on your creation with this sturdy and sleek reamer that you can also use for limes (for that evening mojito!)

sugar bowls

If lumpy icing sugar is the difference between Instagram-worthy pancakes and dog-only flops, you need a fine sugar shaker to present you with a sweet snowdrift of sweetness.

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