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Sadiq Khan announces ULEZ will cover all of London UK News

The news comes after Mr Khan asked Transport for London (TfL) to consult on extending the project boundaries of the North and South Ring Roads to the whole of Greater London by the end of next year .

This means that drivers of vehicles that do not meet minimum emissions standards must pay a daily charge of £12.50 to enter the Ulez zone.

Whether or not a vehicle is liable for the charge depends on the amount of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) it emits.

The change comes because NO2 can damage the lungs and worsen existing conditions such as asthma and lung and heart disease.

For diesel cars to avoid the charge, they generally must have been registered after September 2015, while most petrol models registered from 2005 onwards are also exempt.

Mr Khan ruled out the introduction of an air quality tax, which would have affected drivers of all but the cleanest vehicles.

Nor will he go ahead with a proposal to charge drivers of vehicles registered outside London to enter the capital.

During a visit to Forest Hill School in south-east London, Mr Khan shared his expansion plan, saying: “Weighing up the various options, the rising cost of living was a key consideration for me.

“Because at a time when people’s budgets are under pressure, I am not prepared to ask people to pay more unless I am absolutely convinced it is justified to save lives and protect the health of Londoners. .”

Adding that he believes “the proposal to extend the Ulez to the whole of London will have the greatest effect on emissions and congestion compared to the potential financial impact on all Londoners.

“We are also proposing to introduce the largest scrapping scheme possible to help low-income Londoners, disabled Londoners and businesses.”

In October last year, the Ulex extended from the congestion charge zone to the northern and southern circular roads.

However, Mr Khan said there was ‘still far too much toxic air pollution which permanently damages the lungs of young Londoners and leads to thousands of deaths every year’.

The mayor also asked TfL to explore how motorists can be charged per kilometer depending on how polluted their vehicles are, the level of congestion in the area and access to public transport.

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