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Do I have to pay to drive in London’s ULEZ? UK News

Following this news, the big question that many will ask is whether your vehicle meets the standards and whether you will have to pay.

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The area in place to help improve the city’s air quality, which in turn aims to improve the breathing quality and health of millions of people who live in London.

To help you out and save you a job, we’ve broken down everything you need to know so you won’t be caught off guard.

Do I have to pay to drive in the ULEZ?

In order to avoid paying the levy, you must meet ULEZ emissions standards, which means you must meet the Euro emissions standards required for your vehicle and type of emission.

These standards are:

  • Euro 3 for motorcycles, mopeds, tricycles and motor quadricycles (category L)
  • Euro 4 (NOx) for petrol cars, vans, minibuses and other specialist vehicles
  • Euro 6 (NOx and PM) for diesel cars, vans and minibuses and other specialist vehicles

It is also important to know that for newer vehicles the Euro emission standard may be listed in section D.2 of your V5C.

In addition, trucks, vans and specialized heavy goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes as well as buses, minibuses and coaches over 5 tonnes do not have to pay the charge.

But they will have to pay the low emission zone charge if they do not meet these standards.

You can also check the TfL site which allows you to enter your number plate and can check for you.

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