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Euphoria season 2, a review – Jack Beales, Reigate College UK News

Euphoria first graced our screens in 2019 with the main season ending on a dramatic note, with suspense building for the highly anticipated arrival of Season 2 on January 9th this year. Not only did the season exceed expectations, but there was a clear transformation in aesthetics with completely new storylines that really delved into the unexpected, even if the ending wasn’t quite as satisfying as hoped. Although Euphoria is a clearly dramatized version of youth experience and culture, I think behind all that hyperbole is a truth and a universality of how real it feels to be young and free yet so confined and controlled by society and people’s expectations of us, is it a teen drama that never compares to real life? The Prime Minister focused on a New Year’s Eve party with a series of memorable events, such as a clash between Nate and Fez, an emerging relationship between Cassie and Nate, with the possibility of a relationship between Fez and Lexi . Fans were very hopeful that Fez and Lexi would become a reality all season and at the end we really saw a glimmer although Fez’s dramatic ending and Ash’s disappearance could really put a strain on that in Season 3. There was a clear transformation in Fes’ character this season, he is much more warm and caring, caring deeply for his loved ones, with viewers learning about his background and youth from a flashback truly applying him. In the case of Cassie’s outrageous act of betrayal against Maddy, it continued throughout the season, making Season 1’s most lovable character the Season 2 antagonist and concluding her friendship with Maddy. This being set in stone in the finale when Cassie interrupted the game midway through the breakdown and Maddy rightfully shot her, suggesting that this was just the beginning for her when Nates died. I originally believed that as the season progressed we would regain sympathy for Cassie as we understood her complex and unstable mental state with her constant need for affection causing her to act that way, but I ended up loving Maddy even more. I was concerned that Cassie would experience Nates’ abusive tendencies as their relationship became more extreme, but again Maddy was at the height of emotional heartbreak and physical abuse, I pray that for season 3 he leave alone. The question is, will there be a future for Nate and Cassie and will Maddy’s foreshadowing mean that Nates’ anger is ultimately transferred onto Cassie, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Another huge character to outmaneuver is Rue who was once again played outstandingly by Zendaya, although she had a tough season with Jules’ betrayal and her new friend Elliot causing her to spiral into a state of frustration and frustration. utter desperation, I think for Season 3 we could really see a sober future for Rue with a cinematic parallel ending to her relationship with Jules alongside the rebirth of her friendship with Lexi putting her in a state of contentment. Although one storyline that could resurface could be the pothole that she still owes £50,000 to Laurie who is a member of a dangerous drug ring and once tried to lure Rue and imprison her . I hope for Gia’s sake everything will be fine. Another character who really shined and showed her assertiveness this season was Lexi, putting on a game stopping show to highlight her life and all the issues she faced, it really helped get a ride full of her shy persona in Season 1 to now but has also highlighted her as the protagonist in this season and hopefully again in the next. We were really able to understand her more as a character, not only through the show, but also through flashbacks allowing us to get more insight into how difficult her life was as someone pushed to the side behind Cassie, I am really excited to see what Maude Apatow brings to Season 3. Focusing on the play that was the star moment of the entire season and such an interesting route for the producers to take being a great way to wrap up the season. Overall, the production included some interesting and unexpected twists, though they had major flaws and plot holes. While one thing’s for sure, Kat regrets breaking up with Ethan because Austin Abrams really showed a new side of himself as a character and actor. Another moment in the loop was Cal’s complete breakup due to his childhood regretful memories causing him to break down and leave his family, although as a viewer I sympathized with his childhood experience, it was very appropriate to see Nate who always felt neglected by his father put him behind bars a place where he deserves to belong forever. Other notes to take include Kat’s complete isolation as a character this season which was apparently due to an argument that Barbie Ferreira who plays Kat had with the producers, which raises the question of how the editing would be. different if it wasn’t. .

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