How we set seven electric records at Brands Hatch Car News

Which brings me to a close couple: an Apex Predator prototype skateboard (3min 01.35s, 24mph) and a Gocycle G4 e-bike (3min 19.44s, 22mph).

You can’t use the Predator skateboard on the road, because the laws basically apply to the scooter I’m riding. There have been trials, however, and some versions of this board on big wheels can and do work off-road. With two electric motors, one on each wheel, apparently it will even drift a little. I haven’t tried that.

You can ride the G4 on the road, as e-bikes are road legal, although there are certain laws about them: power is limited and e-bikes must stop at a certain speed , after which going faster depends on your legs. Still, the engineers and marketers of the G4 tell us that it’s pretty fun to pass chugging riders uphill on an assist hit, which I’m willing to believe.

And then there’s me on the 0.47hp, 15mph, 12.5kg Perry eHopper P4. I joked about the effort, and honestly it would be easier to hang on to one of the Tesla side mirrors for a ride, but I like electric scooters, and I think we should try to find a way that we can all get along. In the meantime, I’m going to sit down.

The problem with EV track days

The problem with using an electric vehicle on a race track is the power it needs. Ariel, who is developing a range-extender supercar, estimates that driving on the track consumes 10 to 12 times more fuel than driving fast on the road.

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