“We are working together to tackle homelessness in Brighton” Brighton News

IT’S GOOD news that Paul Agnew has a home to go to in Manchester after a rough sleep in Brighton (The Argus, March 8).

However, your comment that in the past “homeless people with no local ties were only given a train ticket back to where they came from” is not correct. Local charities in Brighton and Hove have always been careful to ensure that when they move people away from the city they have a place to stay.

Two important questions arise from your story. First, a successful outcome for Mr Agnew was possible thanks to the coordinated work of three charities, not just one.

The outreach project provided by the charity Change Grow Live (CGL) connects rough sleepers to support services such as the First Base Day Center run by BHT Sussex where people can get a hot drink, food, showers, clean and dry clothes, and support to help them get off the streets.

Several services, including CGL, BHT Sussex and St Mungo’s, help people with no local ties to find accommodation elsewhere.

The second important issue is to ensure that homeless people are discouraged from coming to Brighton and Hove because they are unlikely to fulfill their aspirations here.

Services are running at full capacity. The cost of renting accommodation is often beyond the reach of unemployed people. If someone is homeless or in crisis, coming to Brighton and Hove will often make things worse for them.

The Local Connection Policy, my call not to give money to beggars and to move people away from the city, has been controversial in the past, but is increasingly being recognized as playing a role in the tackling homelessness in Brighton and Hove.

Here are Brighton’s homeless charities that work well together, working to our individual strengths and making a real difference in the lives of people who find themselves homeless.

Andy Winter

General manager

BHT Sussex

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