2023 Lamborghini PHEV supercar: Aventador successor spotted Car News

Lamborghini is readying a radical super-hybrid to follow the Aventador, and new spy shots are giving us a first look ahead of an expected reveal later this year.

It will be Sant’Agata’s first plug-in hybrid, setting the tone for an electrification push that will see the HurĂ¡can and Urus follow the same path in the coming years, and an all-electric 2+2 introduced in the second half of the decade.

The Aventador replacement has been spotted as Lamborghini prepares to end production of the V12-powered flagship, more than a decade after its launch. The brand stopped taking orders for the Ultimae Commemorative Edition in October last year.

Importantly, though its replacement will use an electrified drivetrain, it will draw most of its power from a high-capacity V12, in line with company boss Stephan Winkelmann’s commitment to the emotional value of its supercars. .

He told Autocar last year that there was “a lot of emotion attached” to the twelve-cylinder engine, which he is particularly aware of, having been involved in the launch of the Aventador during his first stint as a boss of Lamborghini in 2011.

He promised that electrification will not negatively impact the character or performance of Lamborghini’s flagship supercar: “In terms of CO2 emissions, this is a significant change, but we are confident that it will work.

“The plug-in hybrid car that will follow the Aventador will have a V12 engine, so the sound and the story will stay alive.”

Winkelmann also promised engineers would work to reconfigure the steering, suspension, brakes and aerodynamics to mitigate the inevitable weight gain brought on by an electrified drivetrain.

While the new supercar will still use a V12, Lamborghini said it will be an all-new engine unrelated to the one used by the Aventaor. It will be made compliant with the latest emissions regulations, Winkelmann said, an undoubtedly costly commitment but well worth it given that the V12 is “part of the halo car’s DNA”.

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