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Ending of ITV’s Our House sparks complaint of ‘unanswered questions’ from viewers UK News

Our House ended on Thursday night, but not all viewers were happy with how it ended, with many saying it left “too many unanswered questions”.

Continuing the recent string of new dramas on ITV, including Anne and No Return, Our House launched to great fanfare and anticipation earlier this week.

Based on the book of the same name by award-winning author Louise Candlish, the four-part thriller stars Tuppence Middleton and Martin Compston as estranged couple Fi and Bram.

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With Bram nowhere to be found, Fi arrives home to find strangers moving into her house, but, shocking as that was, it only turned out to be the tip of the iceberg for the secrets and lies uncovered in Our House.

The biggest bombshell is that it was actually Bram who sold the house, after being the center of a blackmail attempt, for his involvement in a fatal accident.

With Fi and Bram living in separate houses after cheating on her with her neighbor Merle, Fi thinks she’s found a new man in the form of suave and sophisticated Toby.

Unfortunately for her, Toby was actually Mike, the ruthless villain who blackmailed her husband.

The dramatic final episode of Our House saw Fi discover Toby’s true identity and exact revenge by poisoning him to death.

But there was to be another twist to the story because, after stopping the money from the sale of the house in Mike’s account, Bram paid Fi’s, then recorded a confession and a suicide note, in which he said Fi was also tricked by Mike as he impersonated Toby.

RUPERT PENRY-JONES as Villain Toby/Mike

Unfortunately for Fi, she had already told detectives that she had never even seen Mike/Toby in person, so the credits rolled just as she was being led into a waiting police cruiser.

While some viewers were completely enthralled from start to finish, others argued that the ending of Our House was littered with plot holes and unanswered questions.

Taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations, one posted: “What I want to know is this… will there be a 2nd round of #Our house? Too many unanswered questions, like did Bram actually commit suicide? Is he the father of baby Merles? Was his wife sent to prison? Where’s Wendy?”

A second reacted: “You can’t stop there! So many unanswered questions!!” with another disgruntled viewer commenting, “Now that the ending has aired on TV and no one can complain about spoilers. How S**T was that ending? The plot had way too many holes throughout and too unanswered questions at the end.”

All those who hope for a second series of Our House are disappointed.

Speaking to RadioTimes about the drama, Martin Compston said: “I think there’s something really appealing about it as an actor, you know, where we just knew it was a one-off, and we we’re all in it and then it’s done.

“There’s also something really exciting about it because you won’t get a second chance to fix everything that’s wrong in the first, so you’re really committed.”

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