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The best dishes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2022 – including an Irish stew recipe Wine News

With St. Patrick’s Day finally here, much of the Irish celebration revolves around traditional food and drink. While many will be looking to rejoice with a pint of Guinness, we’ve also sorted the recipe part of your day.

While the Irish use this day to celebrate their heritage and culture, paying homage to their patron saint, like many national holidays, St. Patrick’s Day has become more of a business occasion than its original day of religious observance.

Historically, the day was called the “St. Patrick’s Day Fast” and involved families celebrating with dancing, drinking, and a feast of bacon and cabbage after attending a morning church service. Today, the festive element of the feast day certainly continues, with Irish stews and pints of Guinness topping the festivities.

But any excuse to devour some quality Irish food – and if you’re looking to avoid the crowds at your local pub or restaurant, why not try cooking your own Irish feast at home?

The classic national dish has to be the famous Irish stew, but other typical dishes include shellfish recipes, as well as smoked salmon. While the former is quite hearty and hearty, the latter two options are slightly lighter meals and perfect for those choosing to eat less meat this year.

Here we bring you six delicious Irish recipes to try for yourself on St. Patrick’s Day, some dating back to the roots of food writer Diana Henry and covering modern takes on classic Irish cuisine, as well as traditional dishes.

The best Irish dishes to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

Diana admits that “these little pies are not a traditional Irish dish at all, but all the elements work perfectly together and showcase the Irish smoked salmon”.

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