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BBC broadcaster and Mastermind host Clive Myrie has been reporting from the frontline in Ukraine for the past few weeks, providing live coverage as events unfolded. For the duration of his stay in Ukriane, Mr Myrie resided in what he described as a “makeshift bomb shelter” in an underground car park in the heart of Kiev.

Mr Myrie has been hailed a hero by many across the UK for his incredible coverage, while Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Nadine Dories has pushed back his tears as he thanks journalists risking their lives in Ukraine in a moving tribute in the House of Commons. Last week.

She said: “I would just like to express my sincere thanks and admiration to all those journalists working for the BBC, ITV and other news outlets who risk their lives to bring us unbiased and accurate information from an area of war live.”

Former Labor minister Chris Bryant echoed Ms Dorries’ emotional statement, calling: ‘Clive Myrie and people like that, who do absolutely fabulous work.’

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Where is Clive Myrie now?

As conditions intensified, Mr Myrie had to leave the Ukrainian capital, thanking BBC viewers for their well wishes and concerns – but he vows to return.

Mr Myrie, who was joined by Lyse Doucet, the BBC’s chief international correspondent, is now back in London after traveling through Moldova and Romania to leave Ukraine.

Informing viewers of his travels, Mr Myrie tweeted a photo of a long line of traffic with the caption: ‘It was a long day of driving and queuing out of Kyiv.

“Imagine having to quit everything you know in a hurry because you get bombed! What are you carrying? Do pets come too?

He said: “You could see the nervousness on the faces of the soldiers and partisans manning the checkpoints, despite the black balaclavas protecting them from the cold.

“Their eyes told stories of apprehension, worry, worry and existential threat.”

Since leaving Kyiv, Mr Myrie has thanked viewers for their support during his weeks of reporting on the crisis.

He tweeted: “A quick thank you for all your well wishes over the last 2 weeks, you have all been so kind to me and the BBC teams in Ukraine. I’m going back to London now, but I’ll be back.

Mr Myrie recently answered questions from viewers about his suitability for frontline reporting due to being a ‘game show host’.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4 Today host Nick Robinson, Mr Myrie defended his position, reiterating he had been a journalist for over 30 years – long before he took on the role of host by Mastermind.

He said: “’I have been a journalist for 30 years. I’m actually a reporter, not a presenter.

“I know some people have complained about why a presenter came out to report on the war. I’m also a journalist.”

He added: “My job isn’t to sit behind a desk reading a fucking autocue. It’s to go out and tell stories and I do that all the time.”

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