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JK Rowling slams Keir Starmer after Labor leader says ‘trans women are women’ | United Kingdom | News UK News

The popular author has now accused Sir Keir Starmer of misrepresenting the Equality Act. The controversy began after Sir Keir Starmer told The Times that “trans women are women” and called for a “respectful” debate on the issue. He added: “If you’re talking to someone who’s been through the process, there’s a real issue of respect and dignity.”

But after the comments, the Harry Potter author said Labor could no longer be counted on to stand up for women’s rights if the party leader insisted on maintaining his position.

Miss Rowling said ‘women’s anger is growing’ and slammed the Labor leader’s comments on Twitter.

She tweeted: “I don’t think our politicians have any idea of ​​the anger rising among women from all walks of life at attempts to threaten and intimidate them into not speaking out publicly about their own rights, of their own body and their own lives.

“Among the thousands of letters and emails I have received are disillusioned members of Labour, the Greens, the Lib Dems and the SNP.

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She added: “Countless gay people have reached out to me to say exactly that.

“Like women, they, especially lesbians, are attacked for not wanting to be redefined and for refusing to use ideological language that they find offensive.”

Sir Keir voiced his support for one of the main demands of feminists who have clashed with transgender activists by insisting on safe spaces, such as toilets, for those born female.

He said: “I believe in safe spaces for women.

“I’m very clear about that too.

“I think the law of 2010, the Equality Act, which provides safe spaces for women, is fair.

“And so I’m very direct about it.”

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