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They have the same effect today. At the Goodwood Revival last year, the original four drew steady crowds to the paddock, as did a very special fifth example: a new P15 taking its public bow, created in remarkable detail from original designs.

Now replicas, recreations, continuation cars – call them what you will – are a hot topic in classic and historic circles, and for good reason. But the BRM, created by these master craftsmen and brand experts at Hall & Hall, should be dispensed with invoking frowns.

The mere act of undertaking such a complex project deserves enough respect, but recreating a da Vinci automobile (even if Moss might have suggested that a comparison to Munch’s The Scream was more apt) is not sacrilege. This project only safeguards and enhances the legacy of Bourne-based British Racing Motors, once considered Britain’s Ferrari.

Against the trend

Three new P15s are planned, using the original chassis numbers of a trio never built at the time. The creation of the second, Chassis V, has now taken an exciting turn following the recent discovery of a long-lost treasure.

The case of the original Mark 1 P15, handcrafted in 1949, was discovered after five years of searching. The jig was created to build the first six BRMs, which were unveiled at RAF Folkingham on 15 December 1949 and first operated at Goodwood in 1950. The V16 then evolved over its active life, as this is the case with all racing cars, to improve cooling, handling and performance.

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