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Aldi and Lidl: what’s in the middle aisles from Sunday March 13 UK News

The central aisles of Aldi and Lidl are popular with shoppers keen to find a bargain on everything from gardening tools to clothing.

Let’s take a look at some of the items you can buy this weekend.

Aldi special purchases

This Sunday, you’ll find a variety of items from Aldi’s Special Buys, including items for the garden, home and more.

So if you’re looking to spruce up your garden or living space, it’s now possible with Aldi.

Gardenline Compact Bistro Set

Times Series: Gardenline Compact Bistro Set (Aldi)Gardenline compact bistro set (Aldi)

Take time out and relax with this Gardenline compact bistro set.

For £189.99 the set comes with a table and two chairs so you can enjoy the spring sunshine with a loved one.

Intex inflatable hot tub for 4 people

Times Series: Intex 4-Person Inflatable Hot Tub (Aldi)Intex inflatable spa for 4 people (Aldi)

Take relaxation to the next level with this Intex 4-person inflatable hot tub.

Invite your friends or family to enjoy a dip in the hot tub. It will cost you £399.99.

Portable Outdoor Tower Heater

Although it’s not quite summer yet, a bit of spring sunshine and clearer nights make us want to go outside but often the cold isn’t so welcoming.

Times Series: Portable Outdoor Water Heater (Aldi)Portable outdoor heating tower (Aldi)

To warm up the garden, why not try this portable outdoor heating tower?

For £79.99 this could be just what you need to take advantage of cooler nights when summer is a touching distance away.

Apple Airpods 2nd Generation

Times Series: Apple Airpods 2nd generation (Aldi)Apple Airpods 2nd generation (Aldi)

Get into the groove with these 2nd generation Apple Airpods.

They’ll set you back £109.99 and come with a charging case and cable.

You can find more special buys from Aldi via the Aldi website here.

The central aisle of Lidl

This Sunday, find a range of children’s toys in the central aisle of Lidl.

So if you’re looking for ways to keep the kids entertained this weekend, Lidl’s middle aisle has you covered.

Sportspower Double Swing with Glider

Turn your backyard into the ultimate playground with this Sportspower Double Swing with Glider.

Perfect for warmer weather, you can change the height of the swing seats to make it easier for your kids to enjoy.

It’s available for £69.99 and comes complete with floor anchors.

Smoby Lovely Playhouse

Times Series: Smoby Lovely Playhouse (Lidl)Smoby Lovely Playhouse (Lidl)

The fun in the garden doesn’t have to stop there.

With this Smoby Lovely Playhouse there are hours of fun to be had and it could be yours for £89.99.

Smoby KS slide

Times Series: Smoby KS Slide (Lidl)Slide Smoby KS (Lidl)

Add a splash of color and adventure to your backyard with this slide.

It’s easy to set up and for £49.99 it could give your kids loads of fun without breaking the bank.

You can find Lidl’s full mid-aisle selection from Sunday 13 March via the website here.

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