Mercedes-Benz signs electric vehicle battery supply agreement with Envision AESC Car News

AESC was one of the first suppliers of electric vehicle batteries to Nissan for the first generation Nissan Leaf. The existing second-generation Leaf uses batteries produced at the Envision AESC plant in Tennessee.

In 2019, the Chinese battery specialist announced plans for a new 20 GWh battery plant in Jiangsu, China. Envision AESC is also working on establishing a new 9 GWh site in Sunderland.

Other automakers linked to Envision AESC include Nissan’s Alliance partner Renault. It announced plans to build a new 9 GWh plant in Douai, France, by 2024.

Mercedes-Benz announced on Tuesday the start of operations of its own battery assembly operations in Tuscaloosa, revealing plans to invest more than $46bn (£35bn) from 2022 to 2030 to develop and produce electric models.

The dedicated battery assembly plant is expected to employ up to 600 people. It is part of a $1bn (£770m) investment in the Tuscaloosa plant to start production of the EQS and EQE SUVs later this year.

Until supply of Envision AESC begins, Mercedes-Benz will respond to an existing network of partners for battery cells and modules.

The German automaker says it has developed a “next-generation battery” that claims to offer greater energy density and faster charging than the units used in its existing EQ-badged models thanks to the adoption of a new cell chemistry that reduces the cobalt content. at 10 percent.

The lithium-ion batteries are assembled in packs on a 300 meter long production line with more than 70 workstations.

Operations in the United States complement similar battery assembly plants established by Mercedes-Benz in Germany, China, Poland and Thailand.

Plans are to build a network of eight cell manufacturing sites around the world with production capacity of up to 200 GWh by the end of 2030, according to Schaefer.

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