New Prodrive Hunter: the 600 horsepower “Ferrari of the desert” unveiled Car News

Q&A: David Richards, President of Prodrive

Why build a road-going Hunter T1+?

“A lot of people in remote areas, especially in the Middle East, do a lot of desert driving for recreation. There’s a big off-road culture. It seemed logical to offer such a car – and then the Heir prince [of Bahrain] became interested in being our first owner…”

What is the difference between the road car and Sébastien Loeb’s Dakar?

“Not much different, really. It’s a little more comfortable and quiet in the cockpit, and it rides a little lower. There can be boot space if the owner wants it. But it has the same chassis and suspension and very similar tires. We intend it to be very, very capable in places where there are no roads.

Why did you choose this sand color for the first car?

“It’s the Crown Prince’s choice and he’s the first customer. He thinks the car has to adapt to its surroundings, and now we’ve all seen that, we approve. We probably wouldn’t have chosen that, but I would say it works.” ”

Why is the road car more powerful than your competition machines?

“Mainly because it can be. Dakar regulations set limits on turbo boost, and the road car doesn’t have to. Because we build our engines from the ground up at Banbury, we know how durable the V6 is, so we gave it a bit more freedom.

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