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News from Scotland: Ultra-rare frog turns heads with stunning feature – ‘Mascot for Irn Bru’ | United Kingdom | News UK News

The albino frog was photographed in Victoria Park, located northwest of the city near the River Clyde. Adam Bienkowski, who spotted the incredible amphibian, said it “really stood out among the rest”.

Albino animals are rare, and their condition is caused by a mutation in certain genes that affect the amount of melanin, or skin pigment, produced in the body.

While albinos can sometimes be photosensitive, Glasgow’s carrot-coloured frog was more than happy to be photographed.

Mr Bienkowski, 38, said he spotted the ‘super rare frog Irn Bru’ surrounded by ‘hundreds’ of normal colored frogs in the park’s pond.

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He commented: “I’ve never seen an albino frog before, I think there are quite rare.

“There were hundreds of frogs in the pond at the park and then I spotted this orange one, its color really stood out from the others.”

The Business Insights director and Glasgow native couldn’t help but compare the color of the frog to the famous Scottish soft drink when he first saw it.

Irn Bru – which has been described as Scotland’s second national drink after whiskey – has been made in Scotland for over 120 years.

It is known for its characteristic bright orange color.

He said: “Irn Bru was the first thing I thought of when I saw the color orange.”

However, Bienkowski fears the unique creature is not meant for survival, believing its bright color will make it more obvious to prey.

He said: “I don’t imagine it will last long in the wild – it’s bound to get eaten up very quickly with this austere color.”

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