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Be an Espresso Martini Taster with The Bottle Club – Here’s How to Apply UK News

The Bottle Club has extended its search for a lucky candidate to become one of its cocktail tasters and sample £500 worth of martinis.

The liquor wholesaler is looking for the best Espresso Martini in the UK and they need your help!

If you’ve been known to enjoy a bottomless brunch once in a while or are a martinis nut, this might just be the career move you need to make.

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Here’s everything you need to know about applying so you can update your LinkedIn with that dream job ASAP.

Why is The Bottle Club looking for an Espresso Martini Taster?

The alcoholic drinks company is on the hunt for a taste of the coffee drink, as research suggests it is now the most popular cocktail in the UK.

Research showed it was googled an average of 118,000 times in the last month in the UK.

So now The Bottle Club is on a mission to find the best Espresso Martini and they want you on board.

How to Apply to be an Espresso Martini Taster

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The company is looking for an Official Taste Tester to work for a three month period.

The lucky employee will be able to try espresso martinis worth £500 in their city.

The Bottle Club is looking for a candidate who can evaluate drinks according to the ultimate criteria of the cocktail:

  • The flavor and potency ratio
  • Appearance and Trim
  • Value for money
  • The quality of the ingredients used
  • Shaken or stirred

As well as £500 to splash on the martinis, the company will throw in a few cans of pre-mixed Espresso Martini to help get your cocktail round started.

You can also bring a guest, because sometimes even a cocktail connoisseur needs a drinking buddy!

If you and your taste buds think they have what it takes, you can apply through The Bottle Club website.

You can also see all of the application terms and conditions on its website.

Applications close on March 28, 2022 and the winner will be announced on March 30, 2022 – good luck!

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