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Huge wildfire rages in Cheshire – fire crews battle blaze as residents ordered to evacuate | United Kingdom | News UK News

Emergency services are attending the fire which broke out in Parkgate on Saturday evening. The Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service said crews were tackling the blaze involving around 500 square meters of marshland.

The fire department added that it is suspected the fire was started deliberately.

The surrounding area was cordoned off by the police.

Nearby homes were reportedly evacuated as the fire spread to rear gardens.

Stunned witnesses took to social media to share photos and videos of the blaze raging through the swamp.

A Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: “Firefighters are tackling a fire involving approximately 500 square meters of marshland.

“Four fire engines from Cheshire and two from Merseyside are at the scene.

“Crews are using beaters and reel jets to fight the fire.

“There are two fire zones spreading around the swamp.

“Firebreaks have been put in place to protect neighboring properties.

“Two main jets and hose reels are in use.

“Police have been notified as it is suspected the fire was set deliberately.

A fire investigator will also be present.

“A fire engine from Powey Lane, one from Ellesmere Port, two from Chester and two from the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service are present.”

In a separate update, the fire service said: “Firefighters continue to battle the blaze. Rescue crews will take over the scene overnight. Holyhead Coastguard are also monitoring the incident.

“Crews are maintaining fire breaks in two areas. Two main jets and a light portable pump are in use. The fire on the swamp is left to burn due to unstable ground.”

Eyewitness Peter Guy said the blaze “evolved into a huge wall of fire” within seconds.

He told the Liverpool Echo: “We had just been eating fish and chips enjoying the sunset when we turned around and saw a small fire about 300 yards away.

“Within seconds it turned into a huge wall of fire that tore through the swamp – it was frightening and spectacular at the same time.

“I’m sure a lot of wild animals will have been affected or destroyed.

“As it was such a beautiful day, many people ran out of pubs and shops during the parade and were all appalled taking photos and videos.

“We moved away from the stage as the fire got bigger and every time we turned around it seemed to get closer. It was like something out of a movie.”

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Guy described a “wall of flames” across the swamp.

He said: “It started out looking like a normal bonfire and then I noticed the fire getting closer to us.

“There were so many people enjoying the beautiful sunset. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was like the sky was on fire.”

Crowds gathered to view the blaze, with police reminding people to stay away.

The blaze could be seen from as far away as parts of North Wales.

An eyewitness expressed concerns about the impact the fire will have on wildlife.

Jane Woodhead, who lives nearby, told the Liverpool Echo: “I’m really saddened that this is such a big part of our community. It’s scary too.

“A lot of rare wildlife live in the swamp, it’s really worrying what impact it could have on them.”

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