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Vera cast and crew spotted at Morpeth and Amble as filming begins on series 12 UK News

Vera’s cast and crew have been spotted at various locations across Northumberland this week as filming for series 12 continues.

While viewers are still waiting to find out how the rest of Series 11 unfolds, with two episodes still to air; Vera bosses are wasting no time launching the next series of the much-loved ITV drama.

It was Ann Cleeves, the author whose books were adapted for the small screen, who let the cat out of the bag and Brenda Blethyn and her co-stars being back in the North East earlier this week. On Monday she tweeted: “A beautiful morning from Northumberland to welcome the team #Vera residence. good luck to @BrendaBlethyn @kennydoughty and all the cast and crew.”

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Ann’s tweet sparked a lot of excitement among Vera’s fans, who began to speculate about where they might be headed. And over the past few days, eagle-eyed viewers have taken to Twitter to share where they spotted the cast and crew.

A fan posed for a picture with Brenda and her on-screen sidekick Kenny Doughty in Vera’s famous Land Rover after watching filming unfold in the seaside town of Amble. And another fan, Shirley Newlands, got a surprise while shopping and seeing scenes filmed at Morpeth.

She tweeted: “We woke up late this morning then went shopping at Morrison’s. When we got out we went to the parking lot for the rear Riggs and saw them filming Vera next to the Morpeth Larder but the cameramen couldn’t tell us when it was going to be on TV.”

As the cast and crew moved, another fan was surprised to find that filming was taking place at his workplace. They tweeted: “Vera is unexpectedly filming in our office building today so it’s all chaotic. If I had known in advance I would have tried to get some of this again fund.”

Leading Lady Brenda dropped the start of the first episode of Vera’s Series 12. The BAFTA winner told Radio Times: “The first (episode) I read was someone found dead on a boat. So there will be some nice spots on that one!”

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