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The 60-year-old victim gritted her teeth on Brian Brough’s member as he forced her into a sex act. He managed to free himself but continued to beat the woman, raping her again and leaving her face with multiple bone fractures.

She fled to a neighbor’s house and was rushed to hospital where she was treated for a broken jaw, broken nose and internal injuries.

When police asked former male escort Brough to account for his movements on the night of the rape, he told them, “I have no idea – ask my brain.”

The 36-year-old has 15 years of knife-related violence and was acquitted of rape in 2019.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Brough of Breightmet, near Bolton, was jailed for 18 years with an extended license period of four years.

A father of three, Brough will serve two-thirds of his sentence in prison before the parole board considers him for release.

He was found guilty of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm, two counts of rape, attempted rape and burglary.

The attack happened on March 19. Brough knocked on the victim’s front door claiming to be a neighbor’s friend.


Brian Brough was jailed for 18 years (Image: MEN Media)


Brough forced his way into his victim’s house (Image: MEN Media)

Prosecutor Mark Kellet said: ‘Although she had never met the defendant before, as her neighbor’s name matched what he had said, she opened the door and he entered the house asking to use the toilet.

“She entered the front room but was followed by the defendant and as she sat on the sofa he sat down next to her and put his arm around her.

“He told her he was a male escort and pulled out his penis saying, ‘Look, that’s what I do.

“She told him she wasn’t interested, but he grabbed her head and forced her on him.

“In response, she bit the defendant’s penis, prompting him to punch her in the face.”


Manchester Crown Court, Minshull Street

Manchester Crown Court, Minshull Street (Picture: PA)


Brough was sentenced by the court (Picture: PA)

Mr Kellet said she was then dragged into the bedroom by her hair and thrown onto the bed.

He told the court: “She described trying to fight him off and push him away, but he kept hitting her and she remembers passing out and rolling over.”

When she pulled herself together, she could hear Brough rummaging and one of her dogs yelping, which she assumed was when Brough kicked her.

The court heard that the next morning she discovered that one of her dogs was missing.

A neighbor brought the dog home but when she opened the door he was shocked to see the state she was in.

He called the police after seeing her covered in blood with black eyes and a broken jaw.

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Police spending revealed (Picture: Express)

The victim was taken to the Trauma Assessment Unit at the Royal Hospital, Salford, where a senior doctor noted multiple bruises and swelling on his head.

She was then taken to a rape crisis center at St Mary’s Hospital, where doctors found a sample of Brough’s DNA.

Tests showed that there was a one in a billion chance that the attacker was someone else.

Brough arrived at a friend’s home with the victim’s two Samsung cell phones and blood on his hands. He was later arrested at Wigan Market.

In response, he said: “I didn’t – I don’t do things like that. I don’t remember doing anything like that at all.

“If I had, I would have been sitting here with my head in my hands. I could go on a lie detector and pass it anyway.”


Greater Manchester Police Detective Constable Leanne Jackson called the attack horrific (Image: Getty)

Brough has 50 prior offenses on his record, including possession of knives, robbery and possession of an offensive weapon.

He was jailed for 32 months in 2007, then jailed for a further 54 months the following year for theft and possession of a bladed item after threatening a store security guard with a knife.

In 2015 he was jailed for 22 months after leading police on a 120mph car chase in a Peugeot 407 which he stole from a neighbor who had invited him and his family out for a drink .

He was jailed in 2020 for six weeks after pouring a can of beer over a woman’s head and damaging her front door during an argument.

During his rape trial last November, Brough denied any wrongdoing, refused to be represented by a lawyer and refused to attend. He attended his sentencing hearing but said nothing in his defense.

He will serve a minimum of 12 years and once released will be licensed until 2044 under an extended sentence.

Brough will be on the sex offender registry for life.

Judge John Edwards, who handed down the sentence, told her: “It was an extremely callous and violent rape.

“It was a horrible ordeal for her on every level. I have no doubt that you pose a significant risk of harm to others.”

He added: ‘Hopefully she can draw a line under this knowing that this man probably won’t be released in his lifetime.’

After the sentencing, Detective Constable Leanne Jackson of Greater Manchester Police described the attack as gruesome and sustained.

She said no one should feel unsafe or unsafe in their own home, adding: “Brough would not accept any responsibility for his sadistic and vile actions, forcing his victim through the horrific ordeal in court.

“He did not even have the decency to attend his trial and face his actions and instead refused to come out of his jail cell as the trial was to be heard in his absence.

“His lack of remorse perfectly sums up who he is as a human being and thankfully we have now been able to take him off the streets for 22 years and prevent him from causing more harm to other women.

“I want to thank the woman’s neighbors who quickly alerted the police and took her to hospital for the urgent medical treatment she needed.

“I also want to commend his bravery and strength throughout the investigation and trial, as his determination to see this through has resulted in us securing a meaningful conviction.”

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