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Belize signals intention to impeach Queen as head of state UK News

Belize has become the latest country to signal its intention to remove the Queen as head of state.

Barbados took the historic decision to replace the Queen as head of state in November and elected its first president in a ceremony attended by the Prince of Wales.

And a Belizean government minister told his parliament, days after the Cambridges left: “Perhaps it is time for Belize to take another step in truly owning our independence. But this is a matter for the people of Belize to decide.

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Prince William acknowledged that the days of the monarchy in Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas may be numbered as he said the future “is for the people to decide”.

In a statement reflecting the end of their tour, the future king also stressed that the Commonwealth chooses to be his leader “is not what I think”, but what he was concerned about was its potential to “create a better future for the people who compose it”.

He stressed that he and his wife Kate were “committed to service” and saw their role as supporting people, “not telling them what to do”.

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The Duke said in his statement: “I know this tour has brought to the fore even more specific questions about the past and the future. In Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas, that future is up to the people to decide. .

“But we really enjoyed spending time with the communities of the three countries, understanding better the issues that matter most to them.

“Catherine and I are committed to being of service. For us, it’s not about telling people what to do. It’s about serving and supporting them in the way that works best for them, using the platform we’re blessed with.

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“That’s why tours like this reaffirm our desire to serve the people of the Commonwealth and listen to communities around the world.

“Who the Commonwealth chooses to lead their family in the future is not what I think. What matters to us is the potential of the Commonwealth family to create a better future for the people who make it up, and our commitment to serve and support as best we can.

During a live televised address in the Bahamas on Friday evening, the Duke signaled that any decision by the three nations to break away from the British monarchy and become republics would be supported with “pride and respect” by the UK.

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